The equity & commodity live scanner gives you real time market data, & also give you live updated buy sell signal.

The accuracy of live updated buy sell scanner is 80-85% wh gives you more profit and more return.

the equity & commodity scanner  work both on computer and mobile. it gives you right trend and right treading decision.

Stock holding & mutual fund service

In our holding and mutual fund services we cover all  equity stock investment related financial solution with complete technical and fundamental analysis, in this service the risk ratio is very low and thre return is very good depends on your holding time of stocks.  In this service we cover top 15 stocks from equity market and make portfolio stronger and low risk. we also cover monthly income portfolio from equity market.

Technical & Fundamental training

Capital acquire start training & education program as per our client need, in this service we provide complete knowledge about stock market commodity and forex market. in this service we cover all technical and fundamental training as per client need. we give totally online training like video program  notes as well training in live market vie team viewer or any desk support.



Capital Acquire Financial planner provide live scanner  services & complete training & education  program  in Equity cash, Future & Option market market with accuracy up to 80-85% . we cover all commodity segment like bullion, base metal, and energy segment and. Capital Acquire  also gives the services in equity derivative index nifty, & bank training & education program we cover all fundamental and technical analysis.


Capital Acquire always try to work according to client need & requirement. In our customized services we give service according to client need and also provide premium level or Hni level of services to the customer with high quality massage and telephonic support. Here we also start the social media support like facebook or whatsapp support to the customer. in our training program .  We give training according to client need and requirement. Same we follow on our live scanner software service and provide result to the  client according to their needs and demands.


Research & live Analysis

We believe our research philosophy is further distinguished by our supply chain approach.  Many of our analysts and industry groups have constructed coverage universes that include the complete supply chain for that industry:  key suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.  Analysts also collaborate to produce supply chain surveys, reports, and industry updates designed to help investors “connect the dots” in key industries and across national borders.  

Finally, to help our clients place this wealth of fundamental data into perspective, we also provide access to the latest market and economic commentary from our firm’s top internal experts, including our chief economist, our investment strategists, and our Equity Portfolio & Technical Strategy team.